Assistance With Medicare Part C and D

Benefits Of Medicare That You May Not Be Utilizing.

Medicare has both part C and D benefits that some medicare receivers do not know about.  

What Is Medicare Part C?

Medicare Part C is also known as Medicare Advantage Plan.  Part C is like a  combination of both Medicare Part A and B. Medicare Part C allows private companies that are contracted the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services  to give client additional benefit such as dental, vision, hearing aids, over the counter products, and gym membership (Silver Sneaker program).

Who is Eligible for Medicare Part C?

Anyone who is 65 and older and must be enrolled in medicare part A and B are qualify for medicare part C. Most medicare part C include medicare part D along with the plan.

What is Medicare Part D?

Medicare Part D is also known as Extra Help.  Medicare Part D is the prescription drug plan which may cover or lower the cost of prescription drugs.

Who is Eligible for Medicare Part D?

Anyone who is 65 and older and must be enrolled in Medicare Part A, B, or C are eligible for Medicare Part D. They must enroll in Part D when they first become eligible, or they will have to pay the penalty when they buy the part D plan. 

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